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How We Help Increase Your Leads Through PPC

We determine which type of potential clients you are trying to reach. This is very important as it will determine what research needs to be done on the ideal imagery and content for your ads.

We research the online behavior of your targeted potential clients. Find out what they are searching for and what types of sites they are currently going to.

Review the money spent versus the money coming in from increased sales and continually adjust the content so you are getting the most leads and sales from your marketing budget.

We create and put together a series of ads using the research and knowledge of your target clients. We help write the content and use imagery which is in alignment with your research results.

We then run the ads at different times of day, use slightly different keywords, different images, different content. This lets us see which are the most effective and we adjust your campaign accordingly. We can also use this data to optimize your website to be more effective.

Determine which keywords you will use to base your campaign on. Your ads show up when people search for certain words or phrases. Choosing these is vital for a successful campaign. You can also choose words that you don’t want to show up for like “free sample” (if you don’t offer those) or any other search which might indicate that the person searching isn’t your target client.

You have a great product. Take the right actions to let people know about it.

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