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Simple Steps to Create Your Marketing Campaign:

1. We do a questionnaire to find out who your target audience is as well as why they need your product and how they typically decide to buy a product or service like yours.

2. We evaluate your current resources and determine a plan to use these to reach your target audience by the most effective means possible. This will potentially involve changing or rebuilding your website, creating or optimizing an advertising campaign, writing blog posts for you as well as creating and sending out a monthly newsletter to your mailing list.

3. We then implement your plan in full. We have the in-house capability to rebuild your website from scratch as well as create many different marketing pieces using the data from our research to ensure you reach your target audience and really communicate that you solve their problem or fill their need perfectly. Examples of items created on the plan would be email campaigns, a customized website, promotional items, materials to support sales pitches, testimonials from clients, advertisements, blog posts, etc.

4. Track all results from the campaign. We will put different phone numbers on different ads and then track the calls you receive to see which is driving in more business, we can track the performance of your online ads down to the penny, the performance of your website, everything. You don’t know what is working or why unless you are set up to see the results, so we track every piece of your marketing campaign.

5. Based on the results of the campaign, we will make adjustments to the different pieces of your plan and observe what happens. As an example we can test two different versions of an ad and see which one brings in more sales.

We will constantly review and adjust the campaign based on the results to ensure you are actually getting increased leads and sales.

6. We will regularly review your marketing plan with you and see if there are other marketing channels you can add, other ways to package your services or offer them to your target audience.

You have a great product. Take the right actions to let people know about it.

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